Baggage storage

This service offers customers the opportunity to be flexible with their luggage. Our baggage storage service is more than just baggage storage, it is a convenient and secure service provided by our friendly and efficient staff.

Short or long-term storage

We can store items for a few hours or up to three months. This may include items ranging from documents, clothes, luggage and other items. We even take bulky items, such as pushchairs, bicycles or skis

Intermediary Service

This is a service that allows customers to leave an item with us that can then be collected at a later date by another person upon proof of identity. The storage fee can be paid either by the person who deposits the item or by the one who collects it. The fee is the same as that for regular storage.

Business Intermediary Service

Our popular business intermediary service is used by companies who want a secure but easily accessible method of passing documents to their customers. These can be items such as passports, keys, visas and tickets.


All items are x-rayed when they are deposited with us to ensure they are safe to store. Our staff are fully trained and certificated to operate the x-ray equipment.

Left Luggage Software

We have developed our own robust, flexible and upgradable software that we use for our baggage storage services. The software has various options that can be used, such as allowing provision of discount systems.

Did you know?

Our luggage forwarding service provides an additional option for those who are unable to collect their left luggage.

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