Lost Property

We understand how frustrating and upsetting it can be when you lose something. That is why at Smarte Carte we handle all lost property items handed to us with the utmost care and attention as though it were our own regardless of item size or apparent value. This is because it is personal, memorable or a necessary item to you.

So if you have lost anything from a moneymobile phone to a laptop, a cuddly toy to a coat or a passport to a wallet or purse, then rest assured when handed in to lost property operated by Smarte Carte we will look after the item safely and securely until it is reclaimed.

We have a dedicated team of professional and friendly staff who help to repatriate tens of thousands of items each year to their owners. This is achieved through quality training of all staff coupled with extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with low and high volumes of lost property.teddy-bear

In addition, we have bespoke software solutions which enable us to log, monitor, track and despatch items swiftly, efficiently and effectively to reduce stress and worry to you.

We do not charge for the return of cuddly toys as we understand how upsetting it can be for a young child to lose something they hold so dearly and sometimes feel lost without.

How It Works

Search our database first
Everything that is handed in goes on our database. Search online to see if your property has been found. It can take between 24 and 48 hours for a found item to be registered. We keep everything for three months.

London Heathrow Airport – Click here

Bristol International Airport – Click here

Search our database of found items

Claim your property online
If you see your property on the database, use the online contact form to start the matching process.

Use our online form to claim your property

Tell us where to send it
If the property is yours, we’ll give you a code. Go to mailmyproperty.com, type in your code, pay the service fee and tell us where to send it.

Pay a fee and we’ll send it to you

How much does it cost?
You only pay a service fee if you want to reclaim your item. Charges range from £5 to £25 with no charge for children’s soft toys. Add postage and packing if you want us to send your item to you.

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