Luggage wrapping service

Unfortunately, not all countries have the same stringent security and baggage handling regulations that apply in Europe and the US. Luckily Smarte Carte are here to assist you travel safely and securely with our wrapping service.

Our experienced, professional and friendly staff are on hand to give you peace of mind by expertly wrapping your luggage, large or small.

The benefits of wrapping your luggage include:
• Prevents insertion of illicit goods into your baggage, thus reducing the risk of your luggage being used for smuggling
• Deters thieves from trying to remove/steal goods from your baggage
• Prevents bags from bursting open during transit
• Keeps your luggage protected from physical damage
• Keeps your luggage safe from liquid spillages and other stains
• Stops straps being lost or getting caught in transit
• Complimentary re-wrapping if customs remove wrapping for inspection
*We don’t just wrap suitcases and bags we can expertly wrap other items for the same protection including bicycles, skiing equipment, golf clubs/bags and other large bulky goods.
*Note larger bulky items such as described may be charged at a slightly higher rate.

Fees and Prices

Did you know?

Our wrapping service is not just for bags and suitcases, our expertly trained and professional staff are able to wrap other valuable items such as bicycles, skiing equipment and other sporting goods to help provide that added security and protection on your journey.

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