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mail and flyMailandFly the mail service solution located directly at security search for your convenience….

In today’s modern world Airports must comply with strict regulations to ensure the safety and security of all who travel through or who work at airports. This is why there are compulsory security regulations on what can be carried on-board an aircraft either on your person or as part of your hand luggage.

Smarte Carte understands how annoying it can be when you are passing through security search to find yourself being stopped for having what is classed as a prohibited item(*1).mail and fly

To avoid this, we developed an alternative solution to having those items confiscated and destroyed never to be returned. MailandFly is a unique service which provides you with an alternative to permanent disposal of the item or leaving security search to check items in as excess baggage items. With MailandFly it is a simple solution whereby the security officer will explain that you have a prohibited item and as such will offer you the MailandFly option (*2). The item(s) will then be placed in a MailandFly bag or for larger items a MailandFly label will be attached securely in front of you. A tear off label with full details of the service and Terms and Conditions along with a unique barcode and reference number will be handed to you. At your convenience and in conjunction with the service instructions on the slip you can simply log on to our website and follow the instructions on the webpage.mail and fly

*1. For specific details of what you can and cannot carry either in cabin or hold luggage please contact the airline you are travelling with or the airport you are travelling from.

*2. There are limitations to what can be placed in MailandFly service. Any items deemed as illegal or illicit will be dealt with accordingly by security and those items will not be placed in MailandFly.

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